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Dry Mix distributors in Egypt - 01010027900 - STC

Dry Mix distributors in Egypt - 01010027900 - STC



Everyone is looking for Dry Mix distributors on all social networking sites, where Dry Mix is working to provide the best modern solutions that are integrated in order to work on addressing all the problems that exist in the sites as well as the problems of finishes, through its products.

It works to use German technology, which is highly capable of developing in order to work on the production of ready-mixed as well as pre-mixed mortars, and it also works to ensure great speed, as well as high efficiency and wonderful and continuous quality for all implementation work within those sites.

Also, that company is the one that works to provide industry services in the Egyptian market for more than 5 decades. It also works on many projects that are joint ventures with other companies.

Dry Mix products
The company is working to provide a wonderful mix of mortar technology that is mixed and also ready to add water only, as it is considered one of the most important and fastest products in addition to the extent of durability and quality that is guaranteed.

And since there are many products that are present in Dry Mix distributors, which are considered among the most important and best products that are in the market and that help you greatly, you can work to prepare them very simply and easily, including the following:

● Introduction of acrylic based mortar facade:
As it is a high-quality acrylic, which is ready for work on the decorative finish, which is colored, and it is made of a water-based base reinforced with rubble rocks, all in order to work on giving a surface of medium roughness when applying it manually using a trowel, as it is considered It is water resistant to a large extent, and it is also characterized by the strength of color, stability and durability as well, as it enjoys the ability to withstand harsh conditions and also the flexibility that is not able to be operated and also works to protect the building against the formation of salts and against carbonation and flowers, and that is through Comparing to other traditional installations .

Its advantages:
It is selected through materials that are of high quality and durability.
It is also available in a wide range of colors that work to give you a modern touch of decoration.
It allows air to pass through and also allows the substrate to breathe without the need for delamination work.
The workability is excellent.
Availability of application and use, which are very high rates in terms of productivity.

● Bitumen waterproofing coating:
Where it is a coating that is modified using acrylic polymer, which is composed of two components, and work is done to apply it with the utmost ease, and that is through a roller, a brush, a trowel, or through a flexible membrane that is highly water resistant, and it is also of high quality to an extent Great for cement or concrete and also masonry piles.

It also consists of dry proof of high quality and strength cement, which has been specially selected from those slanted materials that are well graded, and it also consists of materials added to the powder form, which is one of the components that are liquid.

Work is being done to use an external and internal insulating membrane for the structure, and it is also being used in the villa for the following points, which are floors and walls, as well as wet areas, including kitchens, bathrooms, roofs, and balconies, in addition to structures that are special for retaining water, including water tanks and swimming pools.

● Tile adhesive
It is considered one of the important products that Dry Mix distributors work to distribute in the markets thanks to its quality and accuracy, as it is a cement mortar of very high quality, and work is being done to manufacture it until it is ready mixed, and it is also multi-purpose and can be Work on adding water to it in order to use it in fixing mosaics and ceramics, as it comes in the form of powder.

It is also composed of raw materials that are selected with the utmost precision, and it also includes the combination of the bond of the materials that are being worked on in the manufacture of hydraulics, which are of high strength and have fillings that are graduated, in addition to working to reinforce the operating tribe.

● Ready mortar
As the ready-made mortar is a high-quality cement mortar that is mixed and ready for use, it comes in the form of a powder, and it may require work to add water to it, so when we work on mixing the ready-made mortar with water, it works to save Mortar is of high quality.

It has been specially designed to replace traditional mortar and cement in construction applications such as bricklaying mortar, plastering mortar and tile fixing mortar.

Work is also being done to provide various types of dry mortar and cement, by mixing sand to meet the various mortar applications, and work is being done to manufacture it from raw materials that are chosen with the utmost precision and care, as it includes a wonderful mixture of silica sand that is well chosen and is Completely free from the presence of salt with Portland cement.

The most important distributors of Dry Mix
There are many distributors specialized in distributing all Dry Mix products, and among the most famous of these distributors is stc, which we will talk about in the next few lines.

STC Trading and Contracting Company, supplying Dry Mix products
It is considered one of the companies that are specialized in trade and contracting, as it is considered one of the most famous authorized agents in order to work on selling all the products belonging to Dry Mix Company, and work has been done to establish that company in 2015.