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Tile expansion joints

Tile expansion joints

When installing tiles, accuracy and good work are taken into account for the success of the tiling. The joints are very important in the tiling clients, according to the experiences of many people after trying many methods that eventually led to the failure of the tiling process. Also, the tile installation tools do not always succeed, and sometimes the process ends in failure. These cheap alternatives may make the tiling process fail and can cause great damage to you.

Tile expansion joints

The change in temperature increases the expansion of the tiles, which is why it is always taken into account not to place the tiles next to each other, some spaces between the tiles must be left for the grout lines, which is why expansion joints are very important.

The tile spacer means a piece of plastic that helps you place the tiles in the correct way, and it also creates an appropriate distance between the tiles, as we find the tile spacer of various sizes and shapes, and it may be made of wood, plastic or ceramic.

It also works to save the tiles to the same extent, the joints have a number of applications where you can use them as a separator thing during the meeting of the tiles with the wall and making expansion joints.

Spacers are important in creating tiles and walls. You can use floor tiles to create wall tiles, but the size and shape must be appropriate.

You can only use this piece of different uses during the construction of the tiles, we were useful during the drying of the tiles, and you can know the appearance of the project and also estimates the area in which the tiles will be laid, in order to obtain an accurate and even shape.

Types and sizes of tile spacers

As we mentioned earlier that spacers come in a wide range of sizes and shapes, you should know that we cannot find a single solution that suits all people, taking into account the selection of the appropriate type and size according to the work needs, and the following are the types and sizes of tile joints:

X-Shaped Dividers: This type meets four squares, and is 0.16 inch to 1.3 cm in size.
T-shaped spacer: This spacer is used at the meeting of tiles, size from 0.08 inch to 1 cm.
Horseshoe joints: They are called by the name of the shapers, and they resemble the letter U, and these joints are important for auxiliary tools, especially in leveling surface materials before putting cement on them, and they are found in many different groups in sizes, for example 1/16 and 1/8 an inch and a half.

The importance of tile spacers

Tile joints are very important in making the tiles at an organized distance, and this gives accurate and even spaces, and it also has many other benefits, including the following:

Regular work of plaster lines

The difficulty of measuring the surface is not important before laying the tiles, but it is very important that the grout lines are even, otherwise the result will be bad, and you can notice this if you use a different grout color than the color of the tiles.

Spacers are one of the best ways to make grout lines look even.

Check tile evenness

Where it is important to be careful in laying the tiles until we get a good result, if we find one unit outside the line, it will make the result unsatisfactory and the final shape will look uneven at all, tile spacers help to make the process of laying tiles easy and make the appearance regular and stable, Follow this method and never worry about laying tiles on the floor.

design improvement

One of the most important reasons why we use floor spacers is that you can see the width of the space between the tiles very well, and you can also modify the design.