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The best expansion joints companies

The best expansion joints companies

The best expansion joints company, "The Specialist Company"

The best expansion joints company “The Specialist Company” provides its services to clients to help protect buildings by installing expansion joints that protect the building from any movement that occurs to it due to natural factors and temperatures. The specialist company has the capabilities and expertise that qualifies it to carry out the installation of expansion joints with great efficiency, so it can You can contact the company at any time to request its services in this field.

What are expansion joints?

Expansion joints are a separation that is medium in the structure and is used to relieve pressure on the materials used in construction and pressure is produced due to the movement of the building that is the result of contraction and thermal expansion that occurs due to temperature changes, earthquakes and winds.

The expansion joints are characterized by allowing contraction and thermal expansion without any problems in the building, as they absorb contraction, expansion and vibrations in the building and are located between railway tracks, paving slabs, pipe systems and bridge sections.

There are various types of expansion joints, including bridge expansion joints, joint expansion joints, railway expansion joints, and pipe expansion joints. On-line and heat-resistant lined expansion joint, and the appropriate expansion joint is selected for the building in order to achieve the required results and work to protect the building.

The best expansion joints companies

The specialist company is one of the best expansion joints companies, as it possesses the great capabilities needed to install expansion joints. The company also owns equipment, workers and technicians trained in installing expansion joints, in addition to having technical expertise that helps overcome obstacles during the implementation of projects and installation work of expansion joints. You can communicate with the company to carry out various contracting and finishing works.

The company's headquarters is located in Al Khaleej Al Masry Street - Al Madinah Al Munawwarah Tower, first floor, Apartment 4 - next to the Ring Road - Khosous City.

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The fax number is +20244383096