Specialized Trading & Construction STC

Specialized Trading & Construction STC

Specialized Trading & Construction STC

Specialized Trading, Contracting and Construction Company stc

Specialized Trading, Contracting and Construction Company stc is an Egyptian company that came to light in 2015. It works in the field of contracting, finishing, executing and trading building chemicals materials. The company has great potential in the field of contracting. It also has an elite of technicians and workers trained in finishing and contracting works.

The company owns advanced equipment and tools that are used in the implementation of modern construction chemicals, which contributes to achieving high quality standards when undertaking large projects. It also works to expedite the implementation of projects. The company seeks to develop continuously to keep pace with the latest technologies used in finishing and contracting work.

The company's departments

The specialist company for trading, contracting and construction stc contains several divisions, which are as follows:

Department of waterproofing systems

The company provides advanced water insulation techniques such as the water stop technology, which is flexible strips that stop water leakage. The company also implements the polyurea technology, which is a coating that is prepared quickly in order to work on water insulation.

Flooring Systems Division

The company provides installation services for vinyl, parquet, marble and ceramic floors. It also makes epox paints, a floor coating that resists chemicals and acids and withstands heavy industrial work. Epox 3D floors are implemented, which are attractive designs for floors and contribute to the preservation of floors in a large way. The company is also implementing epox metallic floors It is a beautiful and glossy flooring that can be used frequently in homes.

Wall Cladding Systems Division

Our company implements paints and decorative materials, which are materials that contribute to giving a beautiful shape to the building. They also contribute to providing thermal insulation for building facades, using materials with a rough texture, which leads to breaking heat waves and does not make them enter the building. These materials are either cement or have a basic acrylic and resist rays There are also materials that resist bacteria and viruses because they prevent the growth of microbes on any surface that is coated with these materials, and there are other materials such as pastes and other materials that have a soft texture. Executing these works with skill and accuracy known from the staff of the specialized company for trading, contracting and construction stc.

Department of Restoration Systems

The company implements carbon fiber technology, which is an alternative to steel filaments in concrete works. It is also used when repairing. Carbon fibers come in the form of a single bundle of threads grouped together. Carbon fibers are also used in building bridges, in precast concrete, in strengthening structures and other uses. Our company is keen On the implementation of this technology with great professionalism through the engineers, technicians and workers in the company who work hard to implement the projects of the company.

Section of expansion and landing joints

The company implements metal sectors, which is a system that is used to expand the floor and is characterized by that it can be used with a lot of finishes, and through our company’s expertise in this field, the best works for expansion and landing joints are implemented, so you can put your trust in the capabilities of our company in various fields of finishes And contracting work because we have sufficient capabilities and experience that enable us to achieve the best results.

Thermal Insulation Systems Division

The Specialized Trading, Contracting and Construction Company stc implements polyurethane foam technology as well as Marmox board technology.