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Savito Company Distributors - Authorized Distributor - - Savito 01010027900 - 01010042900

Savito Company Distributors - Authorized Distributor - - Savito 01010027900 - 01010042900

Saveto Egypt is considered the leader in the field of manufacturing cement-based building finishing materials in the Arab Republic of Egypt and the continent of Africa.


Saveto Egypt Company was established in 2003 by Saudi Vetonit Company Limited - the largest manufacturer in the field of cement and gypsum-based building finishing materials with more than 25 years of experience in the Middle East and the Arabian Gulf region and more than 60 years in the European continent.

Certified Savito agents and distributors in Egypt and its most important services 01010042900 01010027900
Why did he buy finishing products from Saveto? There are very many reasons why you should buy facade finishing materials from Saveto while you are reassured about the other, and the top 5 reasons that make you buy finishing materials from Saveto are:.


Speed ​​of response, accuracy of appointments, and ease of ordering by phone or via WhatsApp 01010027900 - 01010042900.
Flexibility and facilitation of payment methods for the customer (Vodafone cash transfer, bank transfer, or payment upon receipt).
Customer service is available throughout the day at any time.
Ensuring color stability in the event that the same code is re-requested to complete the work, so that the color tone is uniform.
We can provide you with the quantities needed to complete the work quickly.
We provide you with technical support and provide the necessary samples before supply.
Specialized Trading and Contracting Company STC

One of the most important distributors of Saveto, the Specialized Trading and Contracting Company (STC) works in the field of contracting. Our company, STC, provides customers with technical support services for all construction chemical products with an excellent selection of the best engineers and experts specialized in studying the practical and theoretical aspects of these materials.

Supplying various construction chemicals produced by major companies and the possibility of providing a trained work team to carry out tasks related to the construction chemicals business, in accordance with standards and recommendations, with the availability of the latest implementation equipment, and all of this in the shortest possible period of time, starting from the time of receiving the supply order until the actual supply of the product, and prices. Our company suits the business volume and price that satisfies our customers.

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