Insulating water tanks in Egypt with the best insulation materials 2022

Insulating water tanks in Egypt with the best insulation materials 2022

Insulating water tanks in Egypt with the best insulation materials 2022

It is difficult to find a house, company, or building that is free of water tanks, as it allows us to our water needs of drinking, washing, preparing food and cleaning. There are many types of water tanks, but today we will talk about concrete water tanks, and like any tank that needs constant care and cleaning And permanent attention to it, we have the services of the best company for cleaning water tanks with immediate washing and sterilization.

Different types of water tank insulation

There are many types of water tank insulation, including positive and negative insulation, where positive insulation separates water and concrete materials, while negative insulation is not used unless the negative insulation fails.

water tank insulation materials

There are many ways to isolate surfaces and the materials that must be provided in order to isolate the water tank properly and successfully from the inside and outside, and among the best materials that are used to isolate concrete floor tanks from the inside:


highly cohesive material that has the ability to resist all factors such as light, heat, water as well as acids and bacteria, since we have reached this point.

we must note the importance that the material used for insulation, should not contain toxic components that harm human health, unfortunately there are some companies that do not You care about this, but it is absolutely necessary, epoxy is one of these non-toxic materials that do not harm human health.

Polymeric material:

It is used to isolate concrete tanks due to its durability and resistance to all changes and external factors.
Insulation of drinking water tanks from the outside

There are some side points of its importance, such as the use of a mechanical hood with a certain capacity, as well as the use of the device to level the surfaces of concrete tanks.

It is recommended to provide all available safety methods to protect workers in the tank, whether to clean it or for any other purpose.

Features of water storage tanks for water purification and treatment

  • Safe storage tanks based on steel water tanks and water silos as part of water cleaning facilities.
  • Water silos with additional equipment protect against contamination of clean drinking water.
  • Drinking water tanks with cover systems are suitable to protect the water from algae growth and evaporation.
  • Water tanks are a cost-effective solution as essential equipment for water purification and treatment plants.
  • Usually installed in basements or near basements and floors, water tanks cause corrosion in the building's transmission systems and reduce the resistance of concrete.

Movements and fractures on the ground waste water.

If the water tanks are outside the building, it is inevitable that surface water such as rainwater, canals and other water will mix in the drinking water.


Waterproofing is called by this name because it works to isolate the building to protect it from water that threatens its construction and comfort. Buildings are exposed to external waters such as rain water, snow, soil moisture, building groundwater, and internal water that are used in bathrooms and toilets.

Water in buildings causes corrosion and rust of iron greatly and reduces the capacity of the transmission system, as water may cause many problems such as water leakage and thus problems of rotting and cracking, since waterproofing not only provides safe buildings, but also prevents bacteria and mold greatly, It provides comfort and safety by preventing water from leaking from surfaces, so you should think seriously about insulating your water tank in case you have a problem with water leakage from the tank.

How to insulate water tanks from the inside with epoxy

Epoxy is used to isolate tanks from the inside, so it is necessary to contact a company specialized in this matter, as at first some specialists come to clean the tank from the inside of all impurities and dust, then it is well sterilized from the inside, then wash and dry and cover it from the inside.

In the event that any cracks are discovered from the inside or in the walls, the problems of cracks are treated first, then protective clothing such as gloves and face masks is worn so as not to cause any harm to the worker because protecting our customers is an essential thing to preserve their health from any problems that may affect their immortality.

It is important to deal with a good and highly experienced company like Key Precision Company which is the best tank insulation company in Saudi Arabia.

The material is fully operational, nine months before its expiration date.

Types of epoxy to insulate water tanks

The first type of epoxy floor mortar: -

It is used in factories, roads and airports, and this material is characterized by its strength. Then, a preliminary road covering is made until it is cleaned and dust and impurities are removed with it until the floors are painted and protected from moisture.

The second type is antistatic epoxy:

This type is found in places where there are charges or where chemical reactions occur, because epoxy works to reduce charges in places such as where there are computer rooms.

The third type of epoxy for water:

Epoxy is a very good material for insulating water tanks because epoxy is a good insulator for water and heat leakage and prevents the damage they cause to maintain water quality for human use, which prevents the formation of fungi and microbes and limits the moisture that they cause.