epoxy floor paint | Paint all concrete floors

epoxy floor paint | Paint all concrete floors

epoxy floor paint | Paint all concrete floors

Epoxy floor paint is one of the types of finishes that have been in great demand in recent times because of its many advantages and unique characteristics that it adds to any floor being painted. The demand for epoxy floor paint is increasing in the coating of floors of warehouses, garages, restaurants, cafes, factories and shops, but what What many do not know is that epoxy floor paint can also be used to paint floors in homes, villas and offices, especially if a metallic type of epoxy paint is used instead of the traditional paint used in garages and factories.

Warehouse epoxy floor paint

We have in the hands of technicians in epoxy floor paint at the highest level of efficiency and long experience in achieving all finishes with different degrees of difficulty, whether it is monochrome paint, multi-colored metallic paint, decorative, or three-dimensional.

What is epoxy floor coating?

Epoxy floor paint made of very hard and durable chemicals after being painted and dried on floors, it consists of two different materials, the epoxy itself (Material A) and hardener (Material B) are mixed together to obtain the texture of the coating.

Types of epoxy floor paint and its uses

Epoxy is used, as we explained earlier, as an alternative to ceramics and porcelain, and for coating floors in warehouses, parking lots, garages, warehouses, factories and cafes.

In addition, the types that we will explain in detail later can be used to paint the floors of homes, villas, offices and building entrances.

1- Painting concrete floors

It is considered the simplest type of floor paint, because after concrete work is completed and poured for 20-30 minutes, a special layer of hardener is added to it, mixed with plasticizers and cement.

After drying, this layer becomes part of the concrete and not just a layer on top of it. Adding this layer increases the hardness and durability of concrete floors by about 150-200%, so this type of concrete floor treatment and painting is frequently used in floors in warehouses, workshops, entrances to villas and crowded buildings. heavily.

2- Painting cement floors (such as painting warehouse floors with epoxy).

Epoxy cement floor coating increases its durability, resistance to impact and abrasion, so it is frequently used to color floors in warehouses, workshops and shops.

In this article, we learned about epoxy floor paint and some information regarding this topic. We hope that you have benefited from this article.