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Distributors of Saveto Company - STC

Distributors of Saveto Company - STC


The most important distributors of Saveto company, we will get to know them now, as it provides the best companies that distribute all Saveto products of paints and different types of coatings.


The most popular company is the Specialist for Trade and Contracting, STC, and it is one of the leading companies in the field of manufacturing grouting and finishing tools, as well as putty, colored adhesion tools, cement glue, and other products that the company distributes as it is one of the most important authorized distributors in Egypt and the Middle East, and to know the most important details of the company and the services affiliated with the Specialist STC Trading and Contracting Follow this article with us.

Saveto distributors
Specialized Trading and Contracting Company STC offers many tools and products for construction, including tools for direct application to walls after grooving, whitening and cement putty tools, as well as colored plaster tools and ceramic glue.


Saveto glue is used to stick ceramics to the wall. This material is very strong because it helps to speed up the work, and you cannot remove the ceramic attached to it unless you break it with a hammer. Our company is unique in manufacturing this material with high quality, and it also exports it abroad, so our company is one of the best companies in this field. It provides very reasonable prices and high discounts on various products, and to find out the most important details related to the distributors of Saveto, follow the following paragraphs with us.

Features of Saveto ceramic glue
In our company, we offer the best types of high-resistance saveto. It is also cement-based, so it is very strong during the bonding process. It is also a water-resistant material, which means that it will not deteriorate at all if it comes into contact with water. It also has the following specifications:


Saveto glue is easy to use and saves a lot of time during preparation and installation.
Saveto glue reacts quickly, which is very special for the installation of wall ceramics, just apply the material to the ceramics and stick the ceramics directly, and it will stick without waiting for a few seconds.
STC provides the Safeto with weather-resistant properties, which means that it can be used in outdoor areas and not only in apartments.
Versatile, you can use it for floors as well as walls.
Excellent filling property.
High adhesion to the substrate.
Durability increases with time.
It has a shelf life of 18 months.
Ready to use and easy to apply.
Very low volatile organic compounds.
Apply indoors in dry conditions to walls and ceilings.
Smooth with a flat shovel.
Tips for using Saveto from the specialist for trading and contracting STC
The most important distributors of Saveto provide some tips to avoid the wrong use of these sensitive materials, and among the most important instructions provided by the company are the following:


You should allow wet surfaces to dry thoroughly
l full before puttingty.
Generally single layer or double layer covered wall putty.
Store in a cool dry place at a temperature between 5 and 35 degrees Celsius.
For previously painted surfaces, remove old paint before applying smooth wall putty.
Clean all utensils immediately after using the water. As for solids, clean them mechanically.
Surfaces must be undamaged, clean and free from loose materials, grease, dirt treatments, etc.
Façade finishing materials from Saveto distributors
It is a pre-mixed colored final finish available in cans (fine - medium - coarse) with a high-quality cement base. It is characterized by its quick and easy application and resistance to all weather elements and climatic conditions, especially in the coastal areas. It is also used on all types of whiteness and on all concrete surfaces. , like that:


Specialized Trading and Contracting Company STC for exterior decoration provides all these materials with high quality and efficiency in ceramic glue.
The restoration of the exterior walls of the houses is one of the very important things that has spread a lot in recent times, because the finishes express the general taste of the owner of the house or villa, in addition to leaving a good impression on the visitors present. The impression is present.
So when choosing a company to decorate the exterior walls of the house, the owner must take into account the quality and experience, and be able to provide good materials and high-quality work.
These requirements are met by the Specialist Trading and Contracting Company STC, which is the best distributor of Saveto, a company responsible for restoring the exterior walls of Saveto homes.
The best company for finishing the facades of Saveto houses
Many people encounter fraudulent practices when dealing with most of the companies that complete the facades of Saveto houses, so since they are not leading and specialized companies in this field, in addition to using poor quality materials, they lead to fading and damage soon after these paints, so from It is necessary to deal with the Specialist Trading and Contracting Company STC, which enjoys the following advantages:

It is one of the most important distributors of Saveto company, as it is the first and best company for finishing the facades of Saveto houses.
It also offers the best international paints of the highest quality and is characterized by good taste and professional features.
Therefore, most customers deal with it without fear.
Moreover, it explains to the client the advantages of the materials chosen for the implementation, as there is a wide range of paints available for finishing the facades.
And the painting task is carried out by relying on the best distinguished manpower selected at the highest level.