MasterTop 1207

MasterTop 1207

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MasterTop® 1207High build, solvent-free epoxy coating for concrete floorsDESCRIPTION OF PRODUCTMasterTop 1207 is a two component, solvent-freeepoxy floor coating system, which provideshardwearing, abr...

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MasterTop® 1207

High build, solvent-free epoxy coating for concrete floors
MasterTop 1207 is a two component, solvent-free
epoxy floor coating system, which provides
hardwearing, abrasion-resistant flooring system.

MasterTop 1207 is applied to
produce a textured or
slip-resistant finish.
MasterTop 1207 also provides a high build pigmented
sealer as a topcoat for MasterTop 1240 to provide a
decorative and easy to clean floor.
MasterTop 1207 has good wear and abrasion
resistance and is suitable for use in many industrial
applications. It can be used as a surface coating where
a hygienic and high gloss appearance is required.
Also, it can also provide an anti-slip finish which is
suitable for use in wet areas.
MasterTop 1207 provides impermeable protection
against common oils, greases, lubricants, aviation
fuels or oils such as Skydrol. In addition, it offers good
general chemical resistance, but as in all corrosive
situations, a full analysis of operating and exposure
conditions is required, followed by reference to
chemical resistance data to ensure product suitability.
MasterTop 1207 is used extensively in the
following industries:
• Pharmaceutical and other medical
laboratory situations
• Food processing and production – including
dairies, bakeries, mills and confectioners
• Beverage production – including soft
drinks manufacture
• Industrial and commercial kitchens
• Engineering – including aircraft hangars, car
production facilities and maintenance areas
• Warehouses – for installations with a
medium frequency and volume of traffic
• Excellent wear and abrasion resistance
• Solvent-free
• Slip resistance finish available
• Easily applied
• Textured high gloss finish
• Good general chemical resistance
• Limited maintenance
• Attractive and serviceable colours
MasterTop 1207 is supplied in 5kg units.
MasterTop 1207 is available in a wide range of
colours: light grey; mid grey; dark grey; blue, beige
and red.

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