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MasterTop 1230 Self smoothing solvent free, epoxy overlay system for concrete.How does MasterTop 1230 workMasterTop 1230 is a multi-component, selfsmoothing, solvent free, epoxy overlay system designe...

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MasterTop 1230

Self smoothing solvent free, epoxy overlay system for concrete.

How does MasterTop 1230 work

MasterTop 1230 is a multi-

component, selfsmoothing, solvent free, epoxy overlay system designed to provide continuous protection for concrete floors at thicknesses of between 2.0-4.0 mm. For greater thicknesses contact Master Builders Solutions Technical department. The cured material produces a dense, colourful, gloss​y surface.

​​The product has also been successfully applied to glazed and terrazzo tiles, steel and timber. For applications other than to concrete, please contact your Master Builders Solutions representative.

What is MasterTop 1230 used for?
MasterTop 1230 may be applied in the following industries

Food production and processing
Beverage production - including soft drink manufacturing.
Pharmaceutical areas, laboratories, clean rooms
Engineering workshops and assembly lines
Showrooms, demonstration areas.
Industrial and commercial cold kitchens.
Schools, hospitals and hotels
NB This gives examples only and does not constitute a full and comprehensive list.

What are the benefits of MasterTop 1230?

MasterTop 1230 offers the following advantages:

Excellent wear and abrasion resistance
Easily applied
Smooth high gloss finish for hygienic applications
Easily cleaned
Good general chemical resistance
Colourful - improves the working environment​

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