Dry Floor 601 SL is cement based, self-leveling, polymer modified, rapid hardening floor screed to smooth, even,and level floors, and correct floor irregularities in interior spaces prior to installation of various floor finishing ascarpets, thin ceramic tiles, vinyl mats and wooden floors.Dry Floor 601 SL is ideal for closed area applications (spaces with specified dimensions) as hotel rooms, hospitals,operation rooms, squash courts, kids’ play area, etc.


Dry Floor 601 SL is manufactured from carefully selected raw materials which include a blend of special high strengthhydraulic binders, selected well graded fillers, and special additives and polymers to enhance workability, adhesion,mechanical properties (compressive and flexural strength and abrasion resistance) and rapid hardening with highearly strength.


• Easy to apply, just add to fresh water and mix thoroughly to get creamy flowing and self-leveling slurry.
• Excellent bonding to all types of substrates used for floor coverings.
• Rapid hardening with early high strength and mechanical properties.
• Self-leveling with no need for manual trowling.
• Specially formulated and modified to give a very smooth surface for floor levelling purpose under carpets,vinyl mats, and wooden floors “Parquet”.

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