Dry floor 600


Dry Floor 600 is high quality, ready mixed, iron aggregate concrete floor surface hardener in powder form.Dry Floor 600 is specially formulated for application by the dry shake technique over the freshly poured concretefloor to produce hard wearing, iron armored and abrasion resistant surface.Dry Floor 600 is ideal for use where high traffic is present in private and public areas.


Dry Floor 600 is manufactured from carefully selected raw materials which include a blend of special high strengthhydraulic binders, especially processed iron aggregate, well graded fillers, and special additives to enhance themechanical properties of the concrete floors.


• Garages, warehouses and parking areas.
• Factories and mechanical workshops where clean and dust free floors are required.
• Floors of industrial and commercial buildings subject to heavy duty traffic by forklifts and solid wheeled vehicles.


• Easy to use and apply, only requires the spreading by hand on green, fresh concrete.
• Raw materials are selected according to the highest quality control standards.
• Due to the factory fully computerized production process, exact mixing ratios and homogeneous blend are ensured.
• Improved compressive strength abrasion resistance.
• Dry Floor 600 is not recommended for areas exposed to chemicals that attack cement.

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