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Vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring


Tiles, ceramics, porcelain, marble, parquet, vinyl, and many more types of floors that baffle a researcher.


But it is easy for us to know the advantages and disadvantages of many of the commonly used types such as ceramics, porcelain, and marble.


As for vinyl, you may not find someone to give you a definitive answer to its faults and advantages, and someone may not help you in how to take care of and clean it.


Therefore, let us take you through this introductory tour, to tell you what we mean by the word vinyl flooring, and what are its advantages and disadvantages? And where can we use this type of flooring? Can we install vinyl flooring for operating rooms? What are the average prices of vinyl in Egypt in general?


What is vinyl?

After the great industrial revolution that was based on the manufacture of plastic, vinyl flooring appeared.


It is a type of linoleum or plastic containing synthetic fibers, available in rolls that extend onto floors with ease.


Advantages of using vinyl

Before someone decides the type of flooring that he would like to install in his home, he looks for its advantages.

He asks here and there and may consult an interior designer to give him all the information he wants to know.

However, in this paragraph, we will tell you about the advantages of vinyl flooring that may motivate its use:

  • Vinyl rolls have a low density and that is why they are easy to control and can be installed and spread simply. You may hire a worker to install them or you may install them yourself if you see some clips explaining this.
  • Thanks to the synthetic fibers, the vinyl flooring is waterproof, easy to dry, and its use in places that are frequently exposed to water does not cause any obstacles, so operating room floors can be installed from vinyl material.
  • The reason why most women are obsessed with vinyl and ask about the prices of vinyl in Egypt to buy it, is the very wide variety of designs. Some designs resemble marble and others that resemble porcelain and parquet so that the same woman is faced with countless options.
  • The modest cost of this type of flooring compared to other types makes it a top choice, either to make some renovations in the home decor or to furnish a new house.
  • They are the first ladies when choosing home furniture is the way to clean every corner in it, and we tell you, my lady, you will not need any special detergents. The most difficult stains on vinyl floors are cleaned with a cotton cloth and dish soap, is there easier than that!


Disadvantages of using vinyl

This is the rule, everything has advantages and disadvantages, but the wisdom lies in the balance between the two shoulders and choosing the most likely.

As for the faults of vinyl flooring, we will list them to you with all credibility as follows:

  • If you were asking about the prices of vinyl in Egypt to install it, you should know before that that it is not correct to use any type of strong detergents such as bleach and flash on it, otherwise the colors will fade and fade.
  • The clarity and brightness of colors are affected by contact with furniture.
  • Vinyl is a type of plastic, so it is not scratched and torn when contacted with a sharp edge.
  • Direct exposure to the strong heat of the sun makes it lose its color and the quality of its raw materials, which is why it lives for long on the floors of operating rooms because it is never exposed to the sun.
  • If you are one of the women who change the décor and arrangement of their home furniture every week, then let me tell you that vinyl is not suitable for that. You cannot in any way move heavy furniture over vinyl floors to change the decor, it will not bear and may tear.


Types of vinyl

There are many types that you can encounter while looking to install vinyl flooring for your home or office, and to be an expert in the types and to know the difference between each of them, here is this simplified classification:

  • Bonus flooring: The most popular and popular type of vinyl, the thickness of the roll-up to 1.3 mm is reinforced with a fiberglass mesh thickness of 0.15 mm to improve its quality.
  • Sirius floors: a high-elastic quality, with a bottom layer of polyester tissues, good sound, and heat insulation, and maybe more suitable in operating room floors because of their advantages.
  • Maxima floors: excellent sound insulation, their designs are distinctive and carefully selected, they look luxurious and distinctive, helping to raise the degree of heating of the place, but when you ask about the prices of vinyl in Egypt, you will find that the price of the Maxima is well affordable.
  • Maxima Eco Flooring: As if you were walking in the clouds, comfortable to walk, flexible to the touch, good sound insulation, varied shapes and designs, and its price were modest, so it would be a good choice for use in home floors.


How do I install vinyl?

We previously said that installation does not require a technician to complete it, it is very easy and let us explain to you how to install vinyl flooring with ease:

Required equipment:

  • A plastic vinyl roll, or vinyl sheet, equal to the area you want to cover.
  • The adhesive that can be used with vinyl in the form of an adhesive tape.

Special dough.

  • Clean, damp cloth.


Action Steps:

  • Clean the floors you will be covering well and scrape off any bumps.

Use the dough to seal any cracks or holes in the floor so that it becomes completely flat.

  • Place the attached tape at the edges and corners of the area to be covered completely.

Then lay the vinyl sheet on the floor.

  • Press firmly at the ends and corners to help hold it firmly in place.
  • Remove the tape and make sure the vinyl is on the floor.
  • Perhaps the astonishing result you will get will make engineers and doctors alike filter the vinyl on the floors of operating rooms and renew it as needed.

Thus, you will have benefited from the low prices of vinyl in Egypt and renew the general appearance of the room or house.


Vinyl and operating rooms

Throughout the article, we mentioned several simple signs about the suitability of the vinyl floor covering for the operating room.

But in more detail, let us see the reasons that suggest this type of flooring in these very sensitive places.

  • The use of hospital vinyl flooring is a practical option. It is easy to remove and install and can be renewed every once in a while and the room will not be disrupted much.
  • Vinyl is a sound and heat insulating material that keeps the operation space stable and quiet.
  • The constant need for a high level of cleanliness in the floors of operating rooms. Vinyl filters because it is easy to clean and sterilize.
  • The low price of vinyl in Egypt has made it a good choice, so changing it will not pose any obstacles.


How do I maintain my vinyl floor?

This paragraph may interest you before making your decision to install vinyl flooring in your home so that you can benefit from the convenience of vinyl prices in Egypt for your budget.

The price per meter starts from 100 pounds to 1000 pounds and more depending on the quality of the material.

  • Cleaning is done without the use of chemicals, and it is preferable to use microfiber fabrics.

Of course, you will not risk moving furniture on the floor.

  • If you like to keep your floors fresh, such as those in operating rooms, avoid any sharp contact with the ground.


Using vinyl flooring is a different experience when looking at vinyl prices in Egypt you may find that it is worth a try.

For example, you might try one room or the balcony of your house, as this will not cost you much, but it will renew the place for you.

When we find that operating room floors can be installed from vinyl, we are assured that it is easy to clean and sterilize, otherwise it would not have been allowed to be installed in such a sensitive place.


Brief: This article will make you an expert decorator in the field of vinyl flooring, and you will know that vinyl prices in Egypt are affordable for everyone, and we will also tell you why vinyl is used in operating room floors.

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