Prices of three-dimensional epoxy per gallon and meter in Egypt (a ceramic alternative)

Prices of three-dimensional epoxy per gallon and meter in Egypt (a ceramic alternative)

Prices of three-dimensional epoxy per gallon and meter in Egypt (a ceramic alternative)

Learn about three-dimensional epoxy prices, gallons and meters in Egypt (the alternative to ceramics), as it is considered one of the latest trends in the art of decoration, which is the alternative to epoxy ceramics, as it has spread recently, through the design of three-dimensional ceramic floors and three-dimensional walls, and three-dimensional graphics with high-quality materials And more durable than others, and now let's learn about epoxy, its costs, and the price of 3D epoxy.

What is epoxy?

It is a thick paint applied to concrete ceilings such as walls and floors, and has the ability to dry like any paint.

3D Epoxy Advantages

One of the best advantages of 3D epoxy floors is that there are no joints like those found in ceramic and porcelain.
One of the most important advantages of epoxy is that it withstands high temperatures.

Disadvantages of 3D epoxy ceramic floors and walls

One of the disadvantages of epoxy is that it is not suitable or applied except on cement surfaces, but solutions have been found for other types of soil.
It is more expensive than ceramic due to its low spread, so engineers and specialists in laying 3D floors (epoxy) take this opportunity to increase its cost, but it is assumed that after its spread it will be cheaper than ceramic and porcelain.

3d epoxy price

There are kinds of epoxy raw materials are good, very transparent, UV-resistant, environmentally friendly, no unpleasant odor, resist bacteria growth, washable and not highly sticky.

  • The price of a gallon of epoxy per kilo is 177 pounds.
  • The price of a gallon of epoxy 4 kg is 636 pounds.
  • 2020 . epoxy meter price and 3d ceramic alternative and 3d epoxy floor mat

There are two types of epoxy flooring where there is only plain epoxy coating and overlapping colors, made by fixing on epoxy stickers with high-quality drawings and paintings, indestructible in rolls, the size of the board can be more than 50 meters, this kind is called 3D soil From 450 to 500 pounds, including materials and installation. We are the latest prices for three-dimensional ceramics and epoxy for women, constantly renewed and we will always update it for you.

Can 3D epoxy floors be placed over ceramic or porcelain floors?

The answer is permissible, and this can be done by painting ceramic or porcelain with a rough surface material, and installation companies do that.

Is it possible to apply 3D flooring or regular epoxy paint to a concrete floor or concrete wall?

The answer, of course, is correct, but if the floor is cement concrete, you will find a lot of burrs and dirt on it, and you have to make a simple layer of cement on it to level the surface and wait until it dries completely and not for several days, because one of the most important conditions for epoxy coating is that the surface be free of dust or burrs or blemishes, and it must be perfectly flat and clean, and most epoxy companies will clean and refinish the floors before work begins.