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مواد عزل كيماويات البناء الحديث - شركة المتخصص - 01022000050

Modern building chemical insulation

Insulation is one of the most important things that must be taken care of, and there is water insulation and thermal insulation so that any building can be well protected from heat, humidity and water risks that can cause the building to fall. Therefore, care must be taken to use modern construction chemicals insulation materials that are appropriate and effective.
Insulating materials
There are many materials that are used in insulation. In the past, bitumen, tar and bitumen were used, but now the chips are used in various forms. Protection sheets are used in various forms, which are suitable for waterproofing. The chips that are supported by glass fibers and polyester are used to protect the roofs of buildings and are considered a material Epoxy is one of the famous materials in protecting surfaces because it has a high percentage of resistance. Waterproofing is divided into two parts: positive insulation, which is preventing water from entering from the roof to the house or entering the building, and negative insulation, which is preventing water from leaving the isolated place, such as water tanks, where they were isolated to prevent Water coming out of it or preventing water from entering it.

The importance of roof insulation

The roofs of the buildings need to implement insulation operations so that they can be adequately protected, as water is prevented from leaking into the building in the waterproofing, and the roofs are protected from the scorching sun rays in the thermal insulation of the buildings and through the application of waterproofing and thermal insulation of the roofs, the roof and the building become protected Complete from dangerous weather factors such as rain water and intense sunlight, thus providing the appropriate protection for the buildings.

Modern building chemicals insulation materials

There are many insulating materials for modern construction chemicals, including Decor M, Decor M Plus, Decor E 2, Decor E 2 BR, Kema Power 312 F, Kimapure 316 T, Membranil CMP, Cyroplast, Acryl Flex 200, Acryl Flex 200 Nano Plus, Cetox Fex, Sproct M2 Oxidizer, and others Insulation materials that contribute to providing protection and waterproofing for buildings and help extend the life of the building.