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Expansion joints in floors, the importance of their use, and how to install them - 01080029701 - 01068977712.

Expansion joints in floors, the importance of their use, and how to install them - 01080029701 - 01068977712.

Expansion joints in floors are called movement expansion joints, and they are mostly used in tiling wide floors, and different divisions of the floor are made to become similar to tiles or ceramics coated with reflective glass, which is characterized by strength and durability. These spacers for all parts of the floor touching are navigated safely.

Use of expansion joints in floors

Floor expansion joints are very necessary in homes, administrative buildings, etc., as they provide easy movement on the floor, and this amount of movement may affect a lot of materials used in building floors, and the reason behind this movement may be the civil movement of the house, as the house is modern So the drop is normal.


This decline ends after some time from the beginning of the construction of buildings, so expansion joints are used in the floors in order to give the house floors of great shape without any problems. Heat, humidity and materials in the floor of the building, as these factors greatly affect the floors of the house.


The size of the tiles decreases when they are all distributed due to changes in temperature and humidity in the area, as the floor works to transmit this movement on the tiles with the absence of joints and this leads to annotations or swelling or showing the ground in a bad way, and therefore it is not suitable for use, and the spacers are used between The tiles are whole, so the risk of movement is greatly reduced.

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The importance of using spacers in floors

Spacers are used in floors for many reasons and are important in protecting the floor for a long time. The following is the importance of using spacers in floors:

  • The joints in the floors are prepared to eliminate the difference in temperature that results from the change in the thermal expansion coefficient in the iron, and this may lead to large internal loads for the concrete and the floor as well.
  • Floor dividers help give the floor an aesthetic look that will last for a long time.
  • The use of spacers in the floors is an aesthetic matter that gives the house a more beautiful look and makes it have a wonderful view.
  • Tiles are a material that is durable and therefore may swell as a result of excessive moisture over time, and this is why the tiles protrude up and are difficult to move on, and give the house an untidy look at all.
  • The dividers in the floors make the floor look beautiful and it connects with the landscape lights in a wonderful way.

What happens when you use expansion joints between floors

Not using the expansion joints in the floors makes it short-lived, and also leads to swelling and increase in its prominence and its appearance appears badly due to various sleep factors such as heat and humidity, and in this case it must be replaced with others, so the use of expansion joints in the floors is very important, as it helps in Maintaining the decorative appearance of the floor for a long time.

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How to install spacers in floors ?

It is one of the common questions, as the home owner asks how to install spacers in the floors, as it does not take much trouble to install spacers in the floors, taking into account their installation in a correct manner. Stretching over large areas of floors.

In this article, we learned about expansion joints in floors, how to use them and also the importance of using them. We also explained how to install joints in floors. We hope that you have benefited from this article.