epoxy floor paints

epoxy floor paints

epoxy floor paints

Recently, new and unique 3D epoxy floors have spread, and now major companies are doing their work and bringing in specialized technicians to apply them. In this article, we will learn about some information about 3D epoxy floors.

What is epoxy and what are its main uses?

The shape of the floors with the three-dimensional epoxy technology is beautiful and presents a new shape and has become more beautiful and elegant than ceramic and porcelain floors.
We find it easy to make at home or at work, because epoxy is a liquid substance that is poured on top of each other on the floor in a specialized way, and gives an aesthetic and mythical aspect to the floor.
You can dispense with the presence of carpets in the floor with the beauty of the appearance of epoxy floors, and epoxy floors save time and effort because you do not need to install ceramics and use sand and cement to adhere to the floors and quickly finish the floors perfectly, allowing to search for colors and shapes.
Epoxy provides three-dimensional floors in all prominent shapes, to become more practical than ceramic, it is three-dimensional environmentally friendly and suitable for all large and small spaces, and includes more than 2000 designs to suit all tastes and gives a shiny and scratch-resistant glass surface, withstands a temperature of up to 180 ', and anti Moisture-resistant, but waterproof, flame retardant, easy to clean, and does not discolor.
We polish the floor until it is smooth and has no holes or bumps, which are available at many paint stores.

Self-leveling epoxy

Self-leveling epoxy is used in the manufacture of floors with high efficiency and resistance to stains and is not exposed to the accumulation of dust, water or dirt, and its thickness ranges between 1-3 cm and is used for floors in hospitals, textile factories and laboratories.

epoxy paints
Floor and wall paints, which are surface treatments to obtain a perfectly smooth surface with excellent efficiency.

Multi-level paints

It consists of several layers of epoxy paints to achieve greater thickness than ordinary paint.

Insulation (epoxy insulation):
Epoxy insulation is used in many uses such as:

(Electrical insulation - insulation against bacteria - insulation of tanks of all kinds to prevent leaks).
Bitumen insulation (cold insulation - hot insulation).
Cement insulator: waterproofing (negative - positive) + pre-treatment of concrete.

What is the idea of ​​3D floors?

The idea of ​​3D floors is to install a large-sized image taken at a certain angle to appear three-dimensional, then install it on the floor and give it a transparent layer of epoxy, to make sure that it reflects light in a proportion that has been studied by technicians to appear as a reality embodied in 3D epoxy floors.