Egypt epoxy floors

Egypt epoxy floors

Egypt epoxy floors

Epoxy floors are an alternative to the installation of three-dimensional ceramics, and in recent times three-dimensional designs have been designed on floors and walls, because some initially thought that it was a type of three-dimensional epoxy ceramics. and walls, with 3D graphics and cushion which is a high quality material that is more durable than others.

Advantages of epoxy floors Egypt

The advantages of epoxy “ceramic alternative” are the new floors that appreciate sophistication and luxury, such as marble, which has a shiny and attractive shape with dazzling and beautiful colors, with its hardness and high resistance to scratching, as it is very resistant to weather factors and chemicals, and above all, epoxy floors are the cheapest at all .

Epoxy is characterized by its resistance to high temperatures, in addition to its resistance to scratches or breakage. It is an alternative to ceramics and porcelain because of some of their drawbacks, so some prefer it despite its high price. or slipping.

One of its most important features is that it is three-dimensional and does not contain separators such as ceramic and porcelain, which makes it more beautiful and wonderful, and epoxy treatment against breakage or scratches is much easier than treating ceramic, which must crack part of the floor to treat breakage.

Disadvantages of epoxy "ceramic alternative"

A disadvantage of epoxy is that it is suitable only for cement floors.
One of its drawbacks is that it is expensive for ceramics, so engineers specializing in epoxy and 3D graphics take this opportunity to increase its cost, but after it is introduced, it is assumed that its price will be lower than the price of ceramic and porcelain.
Specialists in the work of epoxy are not in large numbers, which allows its exploitation.

The price of epoxy in the Egyptian market

There are two types of epoxy coating, one of them men and interlocking colors or the so-called three-dimensional, and the price per square meter starts from 250 pounds to 300 pounds per meter, and this includes installation and raw materials where the specialist places three-dimensional images under the epoxy, then they paint the material, so that the drawing appears Three-dimensionality, and the painting or drawing under the epoxy reaches 50 meters, and this is called three-dimensional floors, and the price per square meter ranges from 450 to 500 pounds, including materials and installation, and prices may vary from one company to another.