Advantages and disadvantages of 3d epoxy floors and prices 2022

Advantages and disadvantages of 3d epoxy floors and prices 2022

Advantages and disadvantages of 3d epoxy floors and prices 2022

Epoxy is the latest trends in the art of decoration as an alternative to ceramics, as the design of three-dimensional ceramic floors and three-dimensional walls has recently spread. Some believe that it was ceramic, but it was a three-dimensional epoxy.

Advantages of 3d epoxy

One of the most beautiful features of 3D epoxy floors is the absence of joints, as we find in ceramic and porcelain.
Epoxy floors add high gloss and luster to the floors, which is reflected in the interior design of the place.
3D flooring is a type of hard and durable floor that will last for years without any problems.
Epoxy floors are characterized by the fact that dirt and dust do not spoil its appearance at all.
It is easy to install and does not require special equipment, cutting and sticking welding or special adhesive.
The models vary according to the personal taste of each person, where the designs can be made personally for each client through the computer, and customize the appropriate design for each taste.
Epoxy floors have a strange and new design that is unmatched by any type of furniture that covers the floors.
These floors are clean and safe, as they cause any health problems, unlike vinyl, for example, which emits some unhealthy odors.
3D designs can be used as visual effects to conquer narrow spaces, for example, to give a sense of spaciousness to small rooms.
These floors are fire resistant, so it is expected that they will be widely used in the coming period in places exposed to fire danger.
Ideal for industrial and commercial facilities, these floors are water, oil and rust resistant.
These floors are distinguished by the fact that they require minimal maintenance and care compared to other types of floors.

Disadvantages of 3d epoxy floors

One of its disadvantages is that it is not suitable except on cement surfaces, but solutions have been found for other floors, which are more expensive than ceramic due to the lack of spread, which makes engineers and specialists in the installation of epoxy floors take advantage of this opportunity to raise the price of its cost, but after its spread it is assumed that its price is lower than ceramic and porcelain.
The high price is the biggest drawback that limits the wide spread of these floors.
The luster of these floors will disappear after a short time.
These floors are very soft, so they expose people to slipping.
These floors need special equipment before they are laid on the floor so that cracks or cracks do not appear in the floor.
This flooring is difficult to remove if homeowners want to change it out someday.

Can 3d epoxy floors be placed over ceramic or porcelain floors?

The answer is permissible, and this can be done by painting ceramic or porcelain with a rough surface material, and installation companies do this.

Can 3d floors or regular epoxy paint be done on a concrete floor or concrete wall?

The answer is of course, but if the floor is cement concrete, you will find a lot of scratches, burrs, and impurities, you must make a simple layer of cement on it to level the surface and wait until it dries completely, but for several days, because one of the most important conditions for epoxy coating is that the surface does not contain any dust If there are any scratches, burrs, or blemishes, it must be perfectly level and clean, and most epoxy installers clean and polish floors before starting work.

The price of a gallon of epoxy 2022 and its specifications

There are kinds of epoxy raw materials are good, highly transparent, UV-resistant, bubble-repelling, environmentally friendly, no bad smell, anti-bacterial growth, removable, not high grade sticky.

The price of a gallon of epoxy per kilo is 177 pounds
The price of a gallon of epoxy 4 kg is 636 pounds
Epoxy meter price, 3d ceramic alternative, 3d epoxy flooring sheet
There are two types of epoxy flooring, as there are only regular epoxy floor coatings and overlapping colors.
The price per square meter starts from 250 to 300 pounds, including materials and installation, and there are three-dimensional models with pictures and drawings. This is done by installing epoxy stickers with high-quality and indestructible graphics and paintings.
From the coil the size of the plate can reach more than 50 meters, and this type is the so-called three-dimensional flooring.
The counter starts from 450 to 500 pounds, including materials and installation. As mentioned, the price may vary from one company to another.

Raw epoxy sales areas in Egypt, Cairo and the governorates

Epoxy is available in gallons from chemical manufacturers, the most famous of which are the Modern Building Chemicals Group, the Egyptian Corporation for General Supplies, Sika Egypt, Polymar and MCC.

3d epoxy floors for modernity and classic

The vision and choice of an interior designer really suits every type of furniture and design of the home or living space.

With the right colors chosen, 3D flooring, it is possible that the shape is suitable for classic furniture, but the color is not suitable and vice versa.

The customer must choose who will install these floors accurately and professionally.

In the event that the customer has a different vision in the installation of one of the images of those floors, he must inform the competent engineer and consult with him in the matter.

epoxy 3d tiles price

As we mentioned earlier about the advantages of 3D flooring, it also has a set of disadvantages that make many people do not like it despite their financial ability to install it, although these disadvantages are very minor and negligible compared to the advantages mentioned above, these disadvantages are:

The feeling of being extremely cold during winter is much more than that of porcelain and marble.
As for the high price mentioned above, it starts from 150 pounds per meter, and in the case of epoxy installation, it reaches 450 pounds.
Snowboarding is a lot easier, which is why it is a big mistake for children to learn to walk and crawl.
As we mentioned, the place is exposed to harsh cold, so it is preferable to install it in bedrooms and sitting rooms.