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3D epoxy floors

3D epoxy floors

3D epoxy floors

Three-dimensional floors are called "epoxy" and it is an alternative to ordinary ceramics and one of the most popular types of floors in the construction and real estate industry in general because this type of flooring has proven its effectiveness compared to ordinary ceramics. It is distinguished by its sophistication and high taste compared to ordinary ceramics or porcelain.

What is 3D epoxy floors?

Epoxy is a term given to three-dimensional floors, and it is a new type of flooring used by young people. It is a safe alternative to ceramics and porcelain, and is widely used in covering cement floors in order to give them smoothness. After that, it can be started to be placed on the ground, where it is poured and spread on the ground, and it automatically turns into a strong material and dries over the passage of time. However, this material is very strong, resistant, withstands all heavy loads and lasts a very long time, for long periods and is characterized by high quality, and is widely used in industrial and commercial establishments.

What are the advantages of epoxy or 3D floors?

One of the most important advantages of three-dimensional floors known as epoxy is that when installed, it does not need sand or cement to install it, such as ceramics and porcelain, in addition to the fact that the process of moving from one place to another is easier than moving ceramics, and moreover, the installation process itself does not require time and effort, as it is large and can be installed In one day, but one of its most important features is that it does not contain separators like those found in ceramic and porcelain, and cause the accumulation of dirt and dust, but it is a type of flooring that is easy to clean completely.

Three-dimensional floors come in many colors and shapes, and they are considered to be high-temperature resistant floors because they act as a heat insulator, and the floors are easy to clean and maintain if they have scratches, unlike ceramic, but you can dispense with furnishings or carpets because of very beautiful and elegant shapes that give you the impression that the floor is already covered with furniture full of beautiful graphics .

What are the main disadvantages of 3D flooring or epoxy?

3D floors are expensive, and this is the biggest drawback of this type of flooring, in addition to that it causes a feeling of extreme cold during the winter, so it must be covered with furniture and carpets during the winter, in particular, in addition to that when installing 3D floors, it must be You realize that it is difficult to change it one day, and the luster and luster of this floor may disappear after a while if it is not cleaned and polished continuously, in addition to the need for specialists to install it, because no ordinary person can install and install it at all, and one of the most important defects that affect 3D floors Not easy to find cracks.