Epoxy Flooring

01022000050-stcEpoxy floor is one of the industrial floors which provides a decorative anti- wear and friction floor. It is proper for covering the floors of the factories , workshops, hospitals and parking lots. The epoxy system is applied in different ways including painting, mortar , self-leveling and in different colors as selected by the customer. This system may be applied at homes due to its decorative style and unique features due to the absence of any joints like the ceramic and marble. We also have all types of industrial floors like the bright concrete, polyuria, polyurethane, U Crete, Tartan, acrylic and vinyl.

Surface Preparation

Comply with STC printed instructions and the following:
• Remove all spalled and unsound concrete from area to be repaired. If rusty reinforcing steel is present; it must be abrasive blasted to remove rust.
• Remove enough material to completely expose reinforcing steel.
• Large vertical or overhead patches deeper than 2” (50 mm) should contain reinforcing steel. Additional steel should be inserted using appropriate techniques, if none is present.
• Clean surface to be repaired of all materials including dust, oil, dirt and grease.
• Dampen with clean water before patching and remove standing water.


We supply and install materials for dowel bars and hooked bolts placement and fixation and for placement under water surface, together with all products used for this purpose, for example; polyester and epoxy.ancouring
We perform works of concrete support, carbon fiber, flyover and industrial establishment support and repair, concrete crack injection and fair face concrete repair.

Grout Repair

stc-reThe Specialized Trade & Contracting Company works in concrete repair and placement of grout manufactured by the biggest CMB in Egypt. Such works have been performed in various projects including (Porto New Cairo project belonging to Detac and Al Khalijiah Garages & Mall Project as a contractor for Al Wali Construction and Housing in which we performed all concrete repairs using (Rubicon 20, TecBond SBR and EpoFix produced by MCC.

STC performed repair works of Police Academy Project using Cetorex grout manufactured by CMB

Thermal Proofing System

img_2472We have the thermal proofing of different companies including ChemaFoam Co., and Modern Building Chemicals Co. This system includes different thicknesses in the form of boards, well known as extruded foam boards and blue and white injections formed foam boards. Such boards are installed directly on the water proofing of roofs of the houses and factories which are protected by polyethylene or cardboard sheets.stc

Waterproofing System

waterproofingWater proofing is one of the most important systems of STC in different methods including the modified cement insulation, emulsified bitumen, oxidized bitumen, Torch Applied Membrane, polyurethane and acrylic. The modified cement proofing system%d8%b5%d9%88%d8%b1%d9%87_20151031_133738was applied by using the products of SIKA Co. in different locations including Cairo Gallery in which we made the proofing of the swimming pools, tanks and fountains.

Joint Filling

grout-xWe implement joint filling works of ceramic, marble and sornaga tiles using epoxy grout and high quality cement grout, particularly in pharmaceutical laboratories, cuisines and hospitals since it inhibits bacteria growth. These products are also used in filling ceramic and mosaic joints in swimming pools and potable water tanks.